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Take advantage of our resources!  They’re here to help you develop a deeper understanding of God, Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible. The heart of WWHM is the message that God our Father wants each one of us to know Him in an intimate, personal way. That includes helping us understand the Bible and how to apply it in our everyday lives. His Word has the power to save, heal, comfort, and rescue us from unimaginable circumstances and give us insight into His individual and collective plan for us here on the earth and in the Kingdom of God. 

In the Bible we see how music and the written word are used to communicate messages of hope, faith, healing, deliverance, prayer and worship. They’re an intricate part of how we experience God and His presence. WWHM is the majority owner of                                          , a state-of-the-art recording and media studio just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.  It’s a part of our WWHM vision to support skilled artists and musicians who want to make a positive impact in their local communities and throughout the world.   


These passionate artists, songwriters, and worship leaders such as Cindy Orr who is currently featured, have a dynamic message for every listener.                


Although WWHM does not offer artist management or promotion, we encourage you to contact the artist directly. They will be a blessing to your next conference, service or gathering!  

The Prodigal Son

In this eight-part series, you’re invited on a journey into the life-changing story of a father and his two sons. The Prodigal Son is not a mushy, sentimental story of a proud wayward son forced to return home a failure, versus a selfless and dedicated son who stayed behind to care for his father’s business for little to no reward. Spoken by Jesus himself, it’s a parable exposing the manipulative teachings of shame and rejection by the religious leaders of the day. In contrast, we see the real meaning of the parable on display in the pure love and forgiveness of our Father, God. 

Featured Artist

The songs included in this series were performed by Cindy Orr and recorded at Burns Sound LLC. 

                   to see more about Cindy, who left a rising career in the Country Music industry to respond to her own call to Christian Music. 

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The Seventh Floor

How long would you hold onto a dream if you knew one day it would become a reality? Could anyone or anything tear it away from you? What if year after year you were told it would never be possible? Where does the strength come from to never give up? 

In her book, "The Seventh Floor", Debra Deardorff takes you on a riveting personal journey of the harsh realities of a life overshadowed by guilt, shame, and the hope of rescue that awaits each one of us. What began as one of life's worst moments led her to a path of a life of freedom.


This book is a truly inspiring story, going through the darkest of times of challenge to a realization of a dream - only to find the journey was never about a dream, but about discovering the truth that with God nothing is impossible. 

To access a free PDF of the book, simply click the image. If you would like to own a hard copy, they are available for sale on                 .

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